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Island Vis

Welcome to the island of Vis, the anthic Issa. It was founded 397bc by Dionysius of Syracuse. The sea around the island was always the faith and food source. Welcome to the island of Vineyards and olive trees, that has been glorified in Helenic writings. Welcome to the island not only in summertime when the sun fries and grapes are ready to pick, you are welcomed also when we pick rosemary and olive. Welcome to the pure ecological area of one of the most fovourite european destination, connected with all mediterranean cultures. The history of the island one can read in the rock of the Archeological museum in Vis, or the fishermen past in the Fishing museum or the fish industry in Komiza.


Bays of Milna, Zenka, Zaglav, Bargujac, Stoncica, Rukavac, Parja, Rogacic, Svitnja, Podstrazje, Stiniva provide each one in its own way the experience of the paradise island and attract many visitors and nauticians.


If you decide to leave the coast, about ten kilometers into the inlands you can find several country houses where you can enjoy a rich and quality offer of original meals and a great hospitality


Hotel Bisevo
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21000 Komiza
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